Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Global CityScapes: Renga 1

Saigon: motorbikes
jammed at stoplights, exhaust fumes
scattering insects

Global CityScapes: Renga 1 Rules

Rules: What kinds of rules do we want to establish? I've only come up
with these few, and would be interested in hearing your suggestions.

Mine are:
1) No actual usage of the terms "summer", "winter", "fall", "sping"
2) Mention "moon" no more than twice
3) There must be some sort of automobile (mode of transport) in verses 4 and 36
4) Verses 12 and 28 must refer to some sort of technological device or building
5) There must be a turn or twist of some sort in verse 18

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Round Renga Round

The introduction to the book Round Renga Round:

An interesting read about how a book about rengas began.

Global Renga Tradition

Here is a site that lists several Kasen rengas... take a look: