Sunday, February 07, 2010

Completed Kasen: Noise

All About Us Is Noise

Clank and rumble of
garbage truck--the birds'
morning flutters by.

Reds don't think just syncopate
against greens pick you pluck me.

Ra ta tat on floors
hairy feet quickly tap dance
jaws gnawing teeth pluck

jarring midnight howl roars in
across town, trains on steel feet

Howl: minds screaming hys-
terical naked he wrote--
Listen. He is right.

rhubarb sussuration: barbs,
sly smiles, naked party angst

People hear when still.
Noise abates if angst sinks in
deep. Yes, but shout on

parrotfish clicks, pops, crunches,
biting deep... we glide, bubbling

Bubbling cioppino
Whispers so hungry hungry
Cluster at the stove

Neighborhood fauna chirps and barks,
zooing up our cold class war.

seal barks, "that's MY pup."
mincing away, wolf crunches
sedge, waits for darkness

eight hours mid night, all about
us, in the darkness: silent wait

Ache hums in fiddler's fingertips
sore--as she types--
from a night of songs.

Morning light screams summers heat
forced air hums, fans rage, ears ring

brown bird -- airing wings--
outside closed glass window-- fan-
ning propellers: plane

Flying rain, droplets crashing
sideways onto slated glass

Sneaking up sideways
Clap clap clap clap in the ear
It's time to wake up

Wake the echoes softly soft-
ly with little licking noises.

Wait - time will let loose
a soft crackling voice clearing
its throat for noisome

There, in the clearing, lovers
pop champagne, bubbling ecstasy

Library quiet-
lovers rustling pages
the words shout out loud.

Lipstick loud as her voice, sneers
into the mic, salted with sweat.

Sun and breezes dry
the mornings quiet rise to
birds loud chirping songs

Chirp of cell phone signals
message from the beloved.

Beloved, let us
love one another in words
in cries in mumbles

us two made of you plus one
fool heart swinging open

heeding another
to love the one with regard
a dance, hips swaying

Swing and sway and swing
The blood thrums and throbs within.

Typing within me
no one's telegram

Suspended, questioning breath--
silence of the power cut.

Disembodied hands
lame feet knees askew
breath panting heart stopped

chichara chichara - tango
tuscana - panting cello

Tangled tango takes
two, too many to tickle
the silence between

Static underscores the stillness in this
cube of air and settling dust

Slurs slash the score,
smooth the restless silky rhythm,
drip dots down the scale.

turning, waking, whispering
oh slur you Canadian geese

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