Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Renga Rules: All About Us is Noise

Theme: "All about us is noise."


1. Each poster must use one word from the previous poster's stanza.
2. Every third verse must contain a volume shift.
3. If the moon shows up more than once in the renga, it had better be in a different phase.
4. Verse 18 should include a poetic seismic shift.


1. Pick a day to post. (Jane: Tuesday; Sneza: Friday; HAT: Saturday)
2. When you post, use the number of your stanza as the title of your post. That keeps the person after you from having to count on his or her fingers to figure out where we are.
3. When you post, add the label "All About Us is Noise" to the entry so we can find the verse later.

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