Sunday, February 07, 2010


What if we pick TIME as our next theme and finally go for a 100-verse renga? It might take us 2 or 3 years or we might commit to each post one verse twice a week or something. What do you think?


Janet Salsman said...

I'm in.

hat said...

Love it! Let's think about guidelines...

Luba Zakharov said...

Yes, let's do this!

hat said...

To get started, here are general questions:

1) What are our posting-day preferences (e.g. which day of the week are you posting on)?

2) Who wants to tackle the HOKKU? Any suggestions on where to pull this from? Or, who's writing it? Will it reflect the season we are in? What's the season word that we're keeping in mind?

3) How many guiding principles are we anticipating?

4) What are some interesting twists that we might think of for this 100-verse renga? Is there an idea for structure of this renga or are we letting it be freeform? (Here, I'm concerned that formlessness for a longer renga might result in uninteresting digressions and links, but that might just be me.)

What are your thoughts, team?

Janet Salsman said...

1. Monday.
2. I vote for Snezana. And for spring.
3. Please, no more than three or four. Otherwise, I forget them. And I seem to have failed miserably at choosing them, so I hope someone else will step up and take charge of them.
4. Animal, vegetable, mineral. No, I'm not kidding. Although I might go mineral, vegetable, animal instead, moving from the earth itself, toward the creatures in it. About a third each.

Luba Zakharov said...

Can we get started on this perhaps in the Fall? I like to post on Saturday or Sunday.
Do we need the structure of a season to write about TIME? If so, I vote for this Autumn as a beginning and hoe over time, it moves into winter. I like Janet's idea for number four.