Sunday, February 05, 2006

Seven Poets in Contemplation II

A long good-bye--
The man's suitcase
Casts a shadow on the pier. (rm)

Hands fold into themselves
Inside pockets, to walk away (dj)

The woman lingers
As the ship vanishes
Into a cloud (egf)

Anchors away!
Gray clouds settle in. (lm)

A flop of mist and
Last star disappears behind
The Earth's thickened atmosphere (sz)

No light
Candle plays shadow games. (ab)

Winning smile of the darkened
Field--settling lowly on
A deserted football field (ht)

A young birch near the parking lot--
I bend to reach you. (rm)

A dark animal shadow
Moves on slippered feet. (dj)

Funny-footed writer
watches through window
Waiting for words. (egf)

"I don't have them," the man says,
He slides art behind the scriptures. (lm)

A drop of dew slides
Down the cold stone wall, onto
My shoulder. Chilly! (sz)

December--window open
Palm tree breeze. (ab)

On the patio, pink
Flamingoes and tiki torches
Snuffed and faded in the dusk. (ht)

The mayor pretends to speak from a podium.
Defeated. Disconcerted. Drunk. (rm)

Words fumble for place--
The bus bumps steadily
Down a narrow road. (dj)

Outside the bus window
Lone farmhouse--abandoned (egf)

A child drinking coke
Spots a spider and sprays him
Runs & laughs. Cruelty. (sz)

Feeding the baby
Pen tucked behind her ear (ab)

Imagining life in Kyoto:
Full moons and warm sake.
Milk and applesauce in the eye (ht)

The brothel lights switched off earl.
One pair of eyes reflects starlight. (rm)

Narrow street of stars
Heels clinking on the walk
Small constellations (dj)

The air cracks with chill
And she pulls her coat closer (egf)

What is that moving?
Squirming in her left pocket--
Spring yawns and turns over (lm)

Close the engine. It's all right.
Fumes stay while we reap the miles. (sz)

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