Sunday, February 05, 2006

Seven Poets in Contemplations

Red leather gloves--
The oak dresses for winter
--soon Eden's truth, revealed (lm)

A carriage passes us by--
Horses' hooves kick dirt and leaves (sz)

Through the curtained
A solitary tear. (ab)

The truth of desire: January winds
whipping through her hair (ht)

Jagged glass--
Broken light illuminates
A forgotten dinner (rm)

Heart core of wood, curling
Into the new leaf of Spring (dj)

March rain sends
Stray rabbit under
Bush--momentary shelter (egf)

Deer! No, rabbit--what is
It? - A jackrabbit stirs summer (lm)

Holding a twig
The child prepares mud soup (ab)

Dawn brins a hint of
freshness through the screen. Asleep,
he lfts his head up (az)

In Japan, little girl dreams
Of sailors and moons (ht)

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